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    Faith Formation allows us to move from rote worship to a truly lived relationship with God. St. Mary Magdalen is committed to providing Faith Formation for all ages and stages of life.

    You are the first and best teacher for your children. With the Family Faith Formation Program, Saint Mary Magdalen provides the support, guidance, & resources you need to integrate our Catholic faith into your family life.

    The Family Faith Formation program has four key elements:

    Core Program

    Using an online program, parents and their children will grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith. Each grade level has its own curriculum which students have the academic year to complete. All previous grades must be completed satisfactorily in order to receive the Sacraments.

    Classroom Sundays

    Our faith grows best in community, and our Classroom Sundays give students the chance to build community, and to explore the richness of our faith. Students in grades K-8 meet in classrooms in the school building from 10:20-11: 25 am twice a month for instruction and enrichment.

    Family Sundays

    Just as families come together to celebrate birthdays and holidays, we come together as a family to celebrate our faith. On Family Sundays, all in the St. Mary Magdalen community are invited to explore our faith in different, hands-on ways.

    Adult Enrichment

    We can always grow deeper in our knowledge and love for God. These sessions, open to all adults in the parish, run concurrently with the Classroom Sundays, enabling families to plan their Sunday mornings around worship, fellowship, and enrichment.

    For more information, or to register your child, please contact Pamela Bruce, Director of Religious Education at (314) 961-8400 x104 orĀ  complete this form to send a message to Pam:

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