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    This year Advent begins on December 1st. 

    Advent is a liturgical season marked by prayerful expectation, waiting and preparing for the coming of Jesus, the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus Christ at Christmas.

    How will you use the weeks of Advent to prepare to welcome Jesus at Christmas?  ​We have curated prayers, reflections, activities, and traditions to help you create your own meaningful Advent-ure. Do you need to add tradition to your family’s experience? Do you want to grow closer to Jesus through prayer? Do you feel moved to action this year, wanting to give more of yourself to those in need?

    Make this a personal preparation for you and your family. Choose from the videos, activities, and actions in the list on the right, and make an “ADVENT PLAYLIST” that helps you/your family make room for Jesus. ​Pay attention throughout Advent. Reflect on your experience, your family’s experience, then share your reflections with us. Where did you see God? How is God at work in your life?  Have fun! Advent is a JOY-FULL season!

    Begin here: An Advent Reflection

    “…open our entire selves up to hear and receive God in possibly surprising ways.” Wow! Imagine being so open that we see God working his wondrous deeds daily, that we see God’s presence in our lives always. Advent is about waiting for Jesus, but I’ve heard it called a funny waiting, because we wait for someone we know is here!

    So our waiting is about looking, listening, paying attention, allowing ourselves to be surprised.So around the dinner table during Advent ask your friends and family the question where did you see God today?


    Be open to seeing Him in the unexpected.

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